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FINALLY saw the last part of the Sherlock(BBC) series, The Great Game, and sweet zombie Jesus! What an awesome episode, totally makes up for the last one having been kind of crap. (Except for that fight scene in the planetarium-- what was up with that?) How much love do I have for this incarnation of Watson? My love is BOUNDLESS. Martin Freeman = better than sliced bread. And I have read everything for the new series on AO3 in the past two hours. There needs to be more. o_o

I may or may not be trying to find an appropriate song to make a Sherlock music video XD

STXI: Live Long and Eff Off
by ~objectively-pink on deviantART
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This'll be my first year participating in any Big Bangs, and I'll be doing two! I've already signed up to do art for the Dean/Castiel Big Bang (their first year! GO SUPPORT GUYS <3), and I'm waiting eagerly to sign up for the Star Trek Big Bang tomorrow-- art again. I really don't have time to do fic, and I honestly don't trust myself to finish a story in time.

Anyone else doing any kind of Big Bang? I'd be interested to know, I'll cheer you on! :D

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....I really want to make my own banner for these. (and they have to icons for the artist! D:)


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