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1. Robin Hood was actually kind of awesome. I enjoyed the story and I thought if was interesting that it started while Robin was still fighting in the crusades rather than after he'd already arrived back home in England. Also, MARK STRONG<3! Plus, I think they did a good job of capturing the environment of the times, i.e. very dirty. My only problem is that the random bits of narrative text--a la painted tapestry style-- was unnecessary and essentially assumed that the audience was stupid. And it didn't match the aesthetic of that cool, animated-expressionist-painting that they did the credits in.

2. So apparently there's going to be a Supernatural anime? Weird, considering Dean would make so much fun of that concept given the opportunity.

3. Even weirder, there's going to be a Thundercats anime! On cartoon network. *flails* My CHILDHOOD. Christ, next they'll be telling me they're going to remake the Smurfs? Charlie Brown? /cries

...I wouldn't be opposed to them working on Pirates of Dark Water because that show was fucking addicting and they never finished it D:

Pirates of Dark Water poster

4. WORLD CUP woo! Brazil is playing North Korea as I type. Hopefully Brazil will win, because otherwise that half of my nationality will be covered in shame.
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