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FINALLY saw the last part of the Sherlock(BBC) series, The Great Game, and sweet zombie Jesus! What an awesome episode, totally makes up for the last one having been kind of crap. (Except for that fight scene in the planetarium-- what was up with that?) How much love do I have for this incarnation of Watson? My love is BOUNDLESS. Martin Freeman = better than sliced bread. And I have read everything for the new series on AO3 in the past two hours. There needs to be more. o_o

I may or may not be trying to find an appropriate song to make a Sherlock music video XD

STXI: Live Long and Eff Off
by ~objectively-pink on deviantART
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Medium: Digital sketch
Character(s): Captain America, Thor, and Hawkeye
Fandom: A terrible, terrible fusion of the Marvel'verse and Sailor Moon. God help us all.

Sailor Avengers! )

I didn't start out intending to only do blond guys. :/ The next set I do will look more visually interesting, I swear!

Sailor America has been redesigned for various reasons, including but not limited to the conclusion that some form of meatball hair was necessary.

Next: Iron Kamen, Sailor Storm, and Sailor Wasp...?
objectivelypink: "You caught them by surprise from the rear." (from the rear)
Because I'm a terrible person, I had to do this.

Pretty Soldier Sailor America! )


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