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Seriously. Watch it. Captivating plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, great music great acting-- what's not to love? There's seriously not a character in this movie that I don't want to throw down and have my wicked way with. (Except maybe Leonardo Decaprio, but that's just cuz I don't find him attractive, not cuz his character wasn't awesome). Joseph Gordon-Levitt was so stoic and cute and awesome and had the best fight scene I've seen in a very long time!

In other news, my mother has been converted into a slash fangirl and I find this to be hilarious.

She's known for years that I was into it, and generally found my pairings to be amusing and even agreed with a few of them, but was never really into it. Then a few months ago she started watching Torchwood, and developed a huge crush on Captain Jack Harkness-- who, it must be said, will sleep with anything that's mostly sentient, never mind human XD I think that was the turning point, because she and I just recently started watching BBC's Merlin and she's very vocal about what an adorable couple Arthur and Merlin are. Sometimes I really do love my family.

Also, I just watched the first few minutes of the live action sailor moon series. It's.... kind of like a train wreck. You can't look away.

Eventually this will result in some cracktastic fanart crossover. (Captain America+Sailor Moon=Pretty Soldier Sailor America, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)
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