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This movie review explains why SPLICE is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE movie that everyone involved with should be ashamed of. Why, David Hewlett, why? T_T

In other news, TOY STORY 3 was awesome. Officially the only trilogy I've ever watched that I liked all three equally as much. And not to be all spoileriffic, but Buzz's Spanish-mode was amazing guys. For srs.

I'm having a bit of an internal conflict with Buzz and Woody, though. All my slash-fangirl instincts call out to pair the two of them, but Jessie is awesome. Clearly a threesome is called for.

Sorry if I destroyed anyone's childhood with that paragraph.

Another weird idea I had was that it would be awesome if that little girl, Bonnie, grew up to be a toy repairwoman for, like, private collectors and museums and stuff. But while she's in high school she goes through this period where she's collecting Buzz Lightyears to repair and sell. I may have spent way too much time deciding on personalities and names for these theoretical toys.

BUZZ: Original Buzz Lightyear; Woody's BFF.

BEE & ZEE: Purchased for twin brothers, these two act like brothers themselves.

SUNNY & POPS: Remember that space-ranger!Buzz and his nemesis Zurg from the second movie, who eventually were "revealed" to be father and son? Yeah, they eventually figure out that they're toys but decide to stick with the familial relationship.

L33T: Purchased by a computer programmer with a passion for tabletop gaming. Has been very drastically repainted, apparently for practice.

FINN: Damaged voicebox; can't speak and when you try to push buttons he says "To infin-fin-fin-fin... beyond..."

LUZ: Spanish for "light" and short for "Lightyear," this Buzz is in Spanish mode (but aware that he's a toy).

I kind of really want to draw all of them in order to showcase how they're different despite being the same toy. XD

LASTLY! I am working on a hard-core painting a la photoshop featuring Dean and Castiel (even though I am currently a bitter about the Supernatural fandom's recent epic!fails). WIPs of the image are being posted at my deviantArt gallery here.


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