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Busy Jacks is busy. So: IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE!


Lots of fun. I enjoyed hanging around downtown Vancouver, too. Lovely city! however, it was completely unlike any other convention I've ever gone to. Admittedly, the only conventions I've gone to are anime cons and a couple Comic-Cons. Still, I feel like there's a certain something required for conventions-- for one, how about a room full of booths and vendors selling swag? Because at this con, run by "Creation Entertainment" they only had 2 vendors selling things that you can get from the Supernatural website. I thought that was pretty lame, especially considering how much we paid to get in.

Oh! AND THE MOST LAME THING OF ALL: seating for panels is NOT first come first served. Those who can afford to pay 3 or 4 hundred dollars for Gold and Silver class tickets have seats reserved in the ballroom, where all the panels were held. Basically, the first 18 rows in the room-- and there were only 21 rows TOTAL, were off limits to us peasants. This means that for several of the panels for the lesser-known actors? There were empty rows. And we couldn't touch them.

For pete's sake, it was ridiculous. And then there were the Gold/Silver patrons who'd just walk in in the middle of someone's panel, because they were in no rush to get their seat since it was reserved. Talk about rude!

Anyways, enough bitching. My issues are with Creation Entertainment's bullshit policies, not the con itself.

We saw some really awesome people who gave hysterically funny panels. I really did enjoy myself!

I'll probably give a more detailed con-report later; one that actually talks about the panels themselves instead of bitching about the management. XD

KUMORI CON (Sept 4-6, Portland OR)

So after the 4 hour drive to and from Vancouver, the very next weekend hotpinksoldier and I drove another 4 hours down to Portland for KumoriCon. It had a very different feel from SakuraCon-- we were shocked at the sheer number of activities that were going in the hotel every single day. It really seemed to be catering the local(ish) community of fans. And there were a staggering number of cosplayers!

We didn't get much of a chance to check stuff out, being stuck in the artist' alley (which was in the Hilton's parking garage wtf?) most of every day.

But yeah, it was fun. Our stickers sold well (I'll post them here sometime soon) and I got a bunch of plushie commissions. And our Costume First-Aid section got a lot of attention, even if we didn't make a huge amount of money on it :)


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